FTI JAPAN Co., Ltd has been promoting product development and lineup expansion based on the following three concepts.

1. More safer and more delicious by making production control consistently

2. More convenient for food-handlers by adopting individually and miniature packaging

3. Stay fresh a long time and deliver to distant consumers by adopting Long-Life-Chilled (LLC) packaging technology

Fresh Category:

The fresh category products are useful for wholesaler/importer/large restaurant in Japan. It is recommended for those who have large lot purchasing and using every day.

Product Lineup: Fresh Tuna Loin (approx. 5kg/pc), Fresh Tuna Block (approx. 2kg/pc), Fresh Tuna Saku (300-500g/pc)

Long-Life-Chilled (LLC) Category:

The LLC category products are useful for adjusting stocks and food loss problems in small and medium sized restaurants and mass retailers.

Product lineup: Vacuum-Packed Fresh Tuna Saku (approx. 200g/pc), Vacuum-Packed Fresh Tuna Block (approx. 2kg/pc)

Frozen Category for Domestic Market:

The frozen domestic category products are useful for food service industry.

Product Lineup (Getting Prepared): Frozen Slices

Frozen Category for Overseas Market:

The frozen overseas category products are useful for overseas market such as Asian countries, the United States, and South American countries etc. It is recommended to use carbon monoxide (CO) gas in order to export to these countries.

Product Lineup: CO Frozen Saku, CO Frozen Cube, CO Frozen Tesshin, CO Frozen Negitoro

All of the above products are made from Indonesian yellowfin tuna.

In addition to yellow fin, we have been handling other types of tunas such as bigeye tuna, bluefin tuna, and southern bluefin tuna at the spot. Please note that we are not able to provide those products every time.