Narumi, the company representative director, and president was featured in the industry newspaper (Suisan Times 2019.6.24)

At the corner of the Suisan Times “Gyoukaijin”, Narumi, our president and CEO, was featured.

Narumi has commented as follows in the article.

“Distrust of food availability abroad is still strong, but quality can be improved by standardizing hygiene management and thorough instruction. We want to spread that to more people. And from a global perspective, We need to build a supply chain. “

According to the article, in the video manual service “soeasy buddy” we introduced in February of this year, we can deliver processing techniques and rules that are difficult to convey in words to local staff. It is introduced that it has improved not only the teaching efficiency but also the work quality.

In addition, in this article, regarding our future business development, the effective use of cold storage and ice making facilities in Indonesia and the expansion of sales to Indonesia and ASEAN countries are introduced.

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