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A beautiful tuna that no one knows is here

We found a rich ocean high quality tuna.
We contribute to improving the lives of local fishing villages in Indonesia, while realizing fair trade, we provide delicious products to our customers.

Challenge for new things

We are purchasing natural tuna bred from abundant nature from multiple sea areas in Indonesia.
We will deliver fresh raw tuna delicious, even from fishing ground just below the equator, by Japanese fishery, proprietary refrigeration technology, quality management system, and efficient logistics route development.

High & Good quality

The quality of tuna of FTIJAPAN is high and delicious because we have chosen the tuna in the rich natural sea area and have been directing local fishermen over the years for the Japanese fishing method ("Ikijime", preservation method, handling method) is.

Stable supply

FTIJAPAN realizes stable procurement throughout the year by purchasing from multiple sea areas. Even if tuna is not captured at a fishing ground, it will be caught in many other fishing grounds in Indonesia.

Proper price

FTIJAPAN conducts fair trade with Indonesia and maintains reasonable prices even if domestic tuna soared. This is realized by FTIJAPAN directly procuring marine products circulating in multiple stages from local to domestic and overseas.